We release our magazine quarterly online and in print. If you are interested in contributing your work and being a part of our next issue, please familiarise yourself with the submission guidelines.

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Please Note: We no longer offer TEAR SHEETS to our contributors once the issue has been published. There will be a digital version (PDF) of the entire edition available to purchase at a discounted price of Ā£4.50 from

Once the magazine has been published, we will NOT be making any changes to the team/wardrobe credits, so please make sure the credits you provide are correct and up to date.

Submissions must be UNPUBLISHED, which includes social media. We reserve the right to pull any submissions at any time if we see it published elsewhere. Please respect our policy of exclusivity as we respect your freedom to having your work published in any other magazine, so please let us know beforehand.

We’re an open-theme magazine.

Fashion Shift in print is a high end, glossy paper, luxury magazine. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest standard of the layout, attention to detail and captivating artwork of creatives from around the world.

Digital Version

If you’re exclusively interested in seeing your publication online and sharing it with your clients, team, followers; you are welcome to purchase a digital version by going to SHOP on our website. All digital versions of the magazine can be viewed and shared from the MAGAZINE menu, as well. Alternatively, you can visit

Majority of the submissions we accept are featured in the print version of our magazine, however, if for some reason, we are unable to include your work in the upcoming issue, we will be able to offer you a placement on our website – as a webitorial.

Please go to the link for an instant web feature.

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When submitting to us, your piece is required to be compiled into one PDF file for preview purposes. We will also review a submission with images in low resolution attached to your email. We will not download any links to Wetransfer or Dropbox in the submission stage.

The link that you need for submissions is below:

We have recently teamed up with Kavyar platform which allows us to be more responsive and efficient in dealing with your submissions and offer a few paid options that will support the development of our publication.

By submitting images for publication you confirm that the work submitted is your own, original piece and you own copyrights to all the images. You are granting Fashion Shift Magazine unrestricted permission to use the images in the forthcoming and future issues and on social media. Published images become a permanent part of the magazine and can be reused in the future.


We accept fashion photography submissions including editorials, beauty shoots, portraits, artworks and written articles.

We require at least 2 garments per model and up to 10 images per submission – no more.

  • Please ensure to include the title of the piece and all the team credits in a separate word doc. or a text file – if there is no title included, we will name your piece.
  • Location of the shoot (town & country)
  • Wardrobe credits – including designers’ websites
  • Websites of all creatives, if applicable

Once your submission has been approved, please send across the images in high resolution

  • 300 dpi
  • Size: not bigger than 6MB each
  • Format – .jpeg. – we DO NOT accept tiff or DNG files
  • No watermarks
  • Please name your images with your own name and a number e.g. MSmith1 or just numbers, then ensure all images have the wardrobe credits including website addresses of all featured designers.

Once the magazine has been published, we will not be making any changes to the team/wardrobe credits, so please make sure the credits you provide are correct and up to date.

If we do not receive all the information we’ve asked for, we have full rights to discard your submission.